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7 Mushroom Blend Extract Liquid

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Our powerful 7 Blend extract is a finely-tuned mix of the highest quality Australian grown and conscientiously imported organic medicinal mushrooms. Our unique extra-strength formula is twice as powerful and saves you money!
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This double strength extract is Australia’s most potent medicinal mushroom supplement. All the benefits of our seven Touchwood Mushroom species!

Touchwood 7 Blend liquid extract contains 100% fruit body (real mushrooms and no filler) of some of our favourite fungi. 

7 Blend is packed with Australian-grown Turkey Tail, Shiitake and Lion’s Mane and conscientiously imported Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms.

Reach for it if you're looking for a general health and wellness boost.

Cordyceps contains for high levels of antioxidants and beta-glucans, which can boost energy and stamina

Chaga is a nutrient-dense super food and has been linked to supporting healthy aging by reducing ‘bad cholesterol’ and helping maintain heart health

Maitake contains powerful antioxidants — flavonoids, phenols, and a-tocopherol — which may support immunity and reduce inflammation

Reishi (aka the Herb of Immortality) has been used for centuries to stimulate immunity, fight fatigue, and lower stress

Turkey Tail has been reported to support digestion, provide antioxidant support, and is an approved addition to standard cancer treatment across Asia

Lion’s Mane (aka the Cognitive Enhancer) can help boost mental clarity, focus, and mental clarity

Shiitake is a great all-rounder for general wellbeing, but early research shows it can support immunity (thanks to high levels of copper and beta-glucans), reduce inflammation, and support heart health.

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Thanks to our extra strength formulation, you only need 1ml of 7 Blend per day (that’s half as much as the recommended dose of other liquid extracts!)

Add 7 Blend Medicinal Mushroom Extract to your favourite hot or cold drink
Speak to your doctor to find out if medicinal mushrooms are right for you

Learn more about 7 Mushroom Blend extract:
Contains 100% mushroom fruit body (which is mycologist speak for actual mushrooms) — no grain or fillers
In fact, we’ve used so much fruit body, our liquid mushroom extracts are twice as powerful as other products
Since you’ll use half as much in each dose, your Touchwood medicinal mushroom extract will last twice as long as other tinctures
Created in partnership with Herbalist Dipaunka Macrides, Touchwood liquid extracts contain the same healthy compounds as our powdered range, like beta glucans, polysaccharides, triterpenoids, amino acids, and antioxidants
Portable jars slip into your pocket or handbag, perfect for getting your mushroom fix on-the-go

• 50mL bottle
• 100mL bottle

Ingredients: 100% fruit body of Australian grown Turkey Tail (X%), Australian grown Shiitake (X%), Australian grown Lion’s Mane (X%), conscientiously imported Certified Organic Cordyceps (X%), Certified Organic Chaga (%), Certified Organic Maitake (%), Certified Organic Reishi (X%), pure rain water, alcohol

Dairy free, gluten free, vegan, no additives
These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Frequently asked questions

The cell walls of a mushroom are made of a substance called chitin. It’s a polysaccharide that our bodies can’t actually digest, which is a problem that prevents you from accessing all of the mushroom’s beneficial compounds.

Dual extraction means that our mushrooms are processed twice. Hot water extraction releases some of the beneficial compounds, but some, like sterols and triterpenes, are still locked in.

Because we want to make the most of every single ‘shroom, we follow up with an alcohol extraction. Dual extraction ensures that your body can digest as many of the mushroom’s beneficial compounds as possible.

It might surprise you to find out that most “medicinal mushroom” products on the market don’t come from actual mushrooms. In fact, most sellers have never grown a single mushroom. Instead, they grow mycelium, which is basically the roots of the mushroom.

Mycelium is grown on grain, like rice, millet, rye, or wheat. Many sellers grind up the mycelium along with the grain of, say, Turkey Tail, and sell it as a supplement. The truth is, what the customer ends up with is a product that contains few (if any) beneficial mushroom compounds. Instead, they’ve paid top dollar for a jar full of (mostly) starch.

Look for the words 100% fruit body to ensure you’re buying the good stuff! 

Because it’s cheaper and quicker to grow, of course! The problem is, there isn’t hard evidence to show that mycelium is overly beneficial to humans. Graham (our founder and 40-year mycologist) has made the conscious choice to exclude mycelium from his products. 

Here’s why:

1. Mycelium is full of salt and carbs and offers no proven medicinal benefits

2. It’s impossible to separate the mycelium from its growing medium (often rice or grain) — including mycelium in medicinal mushrooms powders inevitably introduces fillers that definitely aren’t beneficial

We grow our own mushrooms in Western Australia's most high-tech mushroom growing lab. But there are some that we can't grow ourselves because of our climate and conditions. In this case, we import mushrooms from Certified Organic growers. This means our customers get the best possible medicinal mushrooms.

If you want the best possible bang for your buck and the purest, most powerful liquid medicinal mushroom extract on the market — you’ve found it! Just add to cart to get started today. And remember: subscribers save 15%!
If you want the best possible bang for your buck and the purest, most powerful liquid medicinal mushroom extract on the market — you’ve found it! Just add to cart to get started today. And remember: subscribers save 15%!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
7 Mushroom Blend Extract

Been using it for about a week and have noticed im not as foggy brain and also more energy. great pricing, quick postage, lovely packaging, good quality.
Thankyou Touchwood Mushrooms!
Mush love <3

Cairo Takarangi
Long lasting energy

Generally I’ll be fine until a certain point of the day but after taking this I Felt energised throughout the whole day and through my rugby or gym trainings at night

ian medcraft

I have been using the 7 blend once daily for 14 days and too soon to call. I do suffer from Parkinson’s and i feel that i am sleeping more soundly and are starting to feel i have more energy. I will continue to use and see what happens. Thank you.

Maryanne Wilkinson
7 blend

Too soon to tell. We have been using for about 5 days

So far loving it

My friend highly recommend this for me as I struggle with health and energy. I just put it in a glass of water, very slight earthy taste which I love. So far I genuinely feel all over better and sharper and I look forward to its benefits in my future