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Packed with immunity-boosting properties, our organic maitake mushroom powder will help keep you healthy all year long. Available in 50g or 100g jars.

Powdered maitake mushrooms could be just what the doctor ordered! Boost your immunity for the season ahead.

All our mushrooms are 100% organic, chemical free and contain 100% total fruit body.

Maitake mushroom benefits:


May provide blood pressure support
May reduce the side effects of chemotherapy


Maitake Medicinal Mushrooms


Maitake mushrooms (Grifola Frondosa) grow at the base of oak trees. This polypor mushroom is one of the tastiest in the world and lots of research has been done on its medicinal benefits.


Maitake mushrooms naturally contain flavonoids, phenols and a-tocopherol: powerful anti-oxidants that give maitake its anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.


Complex polysaccharides help to promote the activity of certain types of immune system cells such as t-cells, b-cells, macrophages and natural  killer cells.  These polysaccharides act as immune system regulators.


Immunomodulation is the process of enhancing, stabalising and depressing the immune system, depending on various circumstances in the body. The immune system may need stimulating in cases of bacterial and viral infection.  When it comes to auto-immune illnesses, depressing the immune system may ne in order.


Beta-glucans are another arrow in maitake's quiver when it comes to moderating the immune system. On going research shows that maitake mushrooms play a role in protection against many types of cancers. And one complex polysaccharide is leading the way.


D fraction is a complex polysaccharide that can energise certain immune system cells, which can depress the occurrence of tumour cells.

Maitake mushroom has also shown promise against diabetes. 

Maitake is a delicious and hard working mushroom for health and well being.


Consult your doctor before deciding to take medicinal mushrooms.

We offer ongoing subscriptions to reduce your mental load! Receive your medicinal mushroom subscription at either 4, 8 or 12 week intervals! You also save 15% on your order - a win win if you ask us! *2 order minimum before cancellation* !

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