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Our powerful Lion’s Mane liquids contains 100% Australian Lion’s Mane — grown on our farm in Denmark, Western Australia. Our unique extra-strength formula is twice as powerful and saves you money!
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Frequently asked questions

It might surprise you to find out that most “mushroom” products on the market don’t come from actual mushrooms. In fact, most sellers have never grown a single mushroom. Instead, they grow mycelium, which is basically the roots of the mushroom.

Mycelium is grown on grain, like rice, millet, rye, or wheat. Many sellers grind up the mycelium along with the grain of, say, Turkey Tail. The truth is, what the customer ends up with is a product that contains few (if any) beneficial mushroom compounds. Instead, they’ve paid top dollar for a jar full of (mostly) starch.

Look for the words 100% fruit body to ensure you’re buying the good stuff! 

Because it’s cheaper and quicker to grow, of course! The problem is, there isn’t hard evidence to show that mycelium is overly beneficial to humans. Graham (our founder and 40-year mycologist) has made the conscious choice to exclude mycelium from his products. 

Here’s why:

1. Mycelium is full of salt and carbs and offers no proven benefits

2. It’s impossible to separate the mycelium from its growing medium (often rice or grain) — including mycelium in mushrooms powders inevitably introduces fillers that definitely aren’t beneficial

We grow our own mushrooms in Western Australia's most high-tech mushroom growing lab. But there are some that we can't grow ourselves because of our climate and conditions. In this case, we import mushrooms from Certified Organic growers. This means our customers get the best possible mushrooms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Life Changing!

We were on a well overdue, much needed holiday from our business in Wangaratta, Victoria when we visited the Albany Farmer's Market on 10th September. This market, along with its sister market at the Boatsheds were listed as one of the Top 10 things to do in Albany. Being a lover of local markets, we added a visit to both before leaving.
Initially, I was disappointed, expecting a huge market given the write up it had received. But I can assure you, this disappointment did not last long! We were greeted with a small, unique market of local people selling the most amazing produce. What would normally have been a quick 10 minute visit for a market of this size, ended up being so much longer as we chatted to stall holders, learning about their love of the land and the passion they held selling their produce.
What caught my eye however, was Touchwood Mushrooms. Being fanatic about Fungi and its medicinal benefits, I spent a good half hour chatting with Martin and his products. Before long, my husband tapped me on the shoulder to give me the hurry up, as there were other people behind me waiting to be served.
Glancing over my shoulder, there was a line of at least half a dozen people waiting to purchase Martin's products!! I quickly finished up and invested in four of his products - Cordyceps, Reisha, Chaga and Lions Mane in liquid form.
It has been just on three weeks now since I started using Touchwood Mushrooms, and I have to say, the benefits have been astounding. I am clearer in mind, anxiety at an all time low, and overall my mental health and wellbeing better than it has been for years. I have tried other 'commercial like' medicinal mushroom products in the past, and I can guarantee you, Martin is true to his word when he states his products have twice the potency.
I honestly could not recommend Touchwood Mushrooms highly enough, now being a regular subscriber. Thank you Touchwood Mushrooms!

Lion’s mane liquid

Fantastic product, quick shipping. I will definitely be buying again

Leesa Brock
Noticed a difference straight away

I bought Lions Mane as I had come across some articles regarding its benefits related to the nervous system. I had a nerve issue in my right eye causing a slight fogginess and I have noticed a great improvement since taking one dose a day. A little extra brain clarity too.

Matt Clarke
Dispenser size

I would like to see the nipple size bigger for larger amounts to be dispensed

Donna Attrill

Very quick delivery and excellent product.