Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most widely grown mushrooms in the world.


And for good reason.


They're delicious and they boast a range of health benefits. From heart health to regulating cholesterol, shiitake mushrooms are an excellent all-rounder for general health and well being.


Other reported benefits:

  • may boost energy levels
  • can support a healthy cardiovascular system and circulation


All our mushrooms are 100% organic, chemical free and contain 100% total fruit body.

Shiitake Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Not only do they taste great, shiitake mushrooms (Lentunula edodes) provide some amazing medicinal benefits.

    Shiitake may boost natural energy levels, fight cancer, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and inflammation.

    A good dose of vitamins B and B3  (niacin) boosts energy levels and  an overall feeling of well being.  Niacin is also responsible for cell growth.  

    Shiitake mushrooms contain substances like polysaccharides, lipids, sterols and teppenoids, which linked to lowering cholesterol.

    They also boast enzymes like eritadeine and beta-glucans, which are linked to a healthy cardiovascular system and improved circulation. 


  • A truly versatile mushroom with outstanding medicinal benefits. A good, solid all-rounder for health and wellbeing.

    Consult your doctor before deciding to take medicinal mushrooms.