Grow your own delicious, healthy shiitake mushrooms!


Can't get enough of mushrooms? Our homegrown mushroom kits are a great way to learn about growing mushrooms. Good fun for the kids and super tasty for the whole family.


Our kits are available for delivery in Western Australia.

Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit (WA only)

    • When your kit is ready to fruit, it will be brown with white specks. If the kit has a mostly white, popcorn-like look, it isn't ready. Leave it for a bit longer in about 24C.
    • Once it is completely brown, place your kit in the fridge (not freezer) for two days.
    • After two days, take the kit out of the fridge and remove the plastic bag. Pop the kit in a bucket of rainwater or boiled water. 
    • Soak for about 1 hour. If your kit floats, weigh it down with something heavy. 
    • Put re-hydrated kit on a tray and place humidity tent (plastic bag) over the kit.  Cut 6 x 2cm holes to allow oxygen to enter the bag.
    • Spray the inside of the tent twice a day. Try not to spray the kit —just spray the inside of the bag.
    • Use rain water or cooled boiled water.
    • Pop your kit in indirect sunlight. A kitchen or laundry bench is ideal. A good temperature for growing oyster mushrooms is between 15-24C. 
    • After about a week, you'll have your first flush of mushrooms! Pick them when they're fully open and enjoy.
    • For a second and third flush, let the kit rest for about 10 days and re-hydrate overnight in water. Then pop it back in the tent. Resume spraying the inside of the tent twice daily. 
    • When your kit is exhausted, break it up and use it as garden mulch.