Grow your own delicious, healthy oyster mushrooms!


Can't get enough of mushrooms? Our homegrown mushroom kits are a great way to learn about growing mushrooms. Good fun for the kids and super tasty for the whole family.


Our kits are available for delivery in Western Australia.

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit (WA only)

    • When you open your mushroom kit, inspect that the kit is white with mushroom mycelium.  This suggests the kit has fully grown and is ready to produce mushrooms.
    • Take your kit and cut two star shaped slits with a knife approx. 5cm wide on each long side of the kit.  Soon, you'll have mushrooms growing from here!
    • Pop your kit on a tray in case there is excess water while your mushrooms grow.
    • Cut 6 x 2cm holes in your humidity tent (the plastic bag).  Place the tent over the kit.  
    • Spray the inside of the tent twice a day. Try not to spray the kit —just spray the inside of the bag.
    • Use rain water or cooled boiled water.
    • Pop your kit in indirect sunlight. A kitchen or laundry bench is ideal. A good temperature for growing oyster mushrooms is between 15-24C. 
    • Repeat for 10-14 days. 
    • Pick your mushrooms when they are fully grown and are flattening out.  Pick the whole bunch of mushrooms even if some have not reached maturity.
    • Once the first flush is picked, maintain the humidity by continuing to spray the inside of the tent 2x a day. After 2-3 weeks, you should see a second flush begin to appear. If you've done a great job taking care of your kit, you may even get a third flush!
    • When your kit is exhausted, break it up and use it as garden mulch.