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Thanks to social media, as well as our weekly stall at the Albany Farmers Market, we have heaps of interaction with happy Touchwood Mushrooms customers. These are real people who have integrated medicinal mushrooms into their everyday lives and use them, in conjunction with conventional treatments, to help make them feel good each day.

Supporting cancer care

Several months ago, a man in his 70s approached us. Unfortunately, he’s got cancer and had heard about the ways that medicinal mushrooms can support conventional cancer treatment.

Reishi, for example, has been shown to shrink or slow the growth of tumors. Chaga, Turkey Tail and Maitake may also slow cancer growth and support the body during chemotherapy.

Our client has been taking medicinal mushroom mixes for four months alongside conventional treatment, and his oncologist has reported no further enlargement of his tumours. His doctors predict that he will be cancer-free within five months — and we’re so happy for him!

Supporting sexual health

When a Perth woman contacted us seeking alternative treatments for her HPV diagnosis, we were reminded of a Japanese study that found a link between medicinal mushrooms and the elimination of the virus. Treatment for HPV is difficult. At the time of the study, there were no medications or supplements to treat it. This means that patients are simply monitored for abnormal changes associated with cervical cancer.

Using evidence from the study, we recommended a medicinal mushroom mix and we are very excited about the possibility of a great result for our client.

Supporting brains and immunity

A huge number of our customers have reached out to tell us how much our Lion’s Mane has improved their focus, clarity of thought, and mental sharpness. Here are just a few examples:

"I was put onto Lion's Mane by a friend and now I can't do without it. I have more clarity and feel sharper. Thanks to the Touchwood team!" —John D, WA

"I've been using Lion's Mane for 6 months. I felt the benefit from Day One. I had a much clearer thought process and my memory has improved. Thanks, Touchwood team, for an amazing product!" —Mr. A, WA

"All this time I've been buying my Lion's Mane from an Australian company that grows in China. Just found out there's a local grower right here in Western Australia. Get on it, Mushroom Fam!" —Larry V, WA

Supporting overall wellness

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Head to our shop to learn more about the ways that medicinal mushrooms may help you feel great each day. And remember, speak to your doctor before you start taking medicinal mushrooms (or any supplement for that matter!)

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