Summer giveaway: win big with medicinal mushrooms

As we all know, 2020 has been...unprecedented. From weather events to bushfires, protests to a global pandemic, we’re hoping that 2021 is a bit more ho-hum for fungus fans across Australia.

From our perspective, this year saw the launch of our new website, as well as being the first year that we poured much of our focus on the medicinal mushroom side of our business. Even though we’ve been in the mushroom biz for over 40 years, we launched the medicinal arm this year — and what a year it’s been!

Graham was welcomed on two podcasts, The State of Us and Real WA, and we’ve helped thousands of you discover the benefits of our Australian-grown range of medicinal mushrooms.

Thank you

To thank you for your support this year, we’re doing a giveaway! Here’s what’s on offer:

1x 100mg jar of Lion’s Mane

1x 100mg 6 Blend

To enter, head over to our Facebook or Instagram page and do your thing!

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