Product spotlight: 6 Blend

If you’re looking to learn about medicinal mushrooms, knowing where to start can be confusing. For customers who want to optimise their health and wellness, we recommend Touchwood’s 6 Blend for an overall boost.

Start your day with 6 Blend

Over the years, we have fine-tuned this blend of six medicinal mushrooms to provide a daily boost to your health and well-being. This mixture of Australian grown Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane and conscientiously imported Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake and Reishi will set you up for a great day.

Here’s what’s inside 6 Blend

All our mushroom powders are 100% organic, chemical-free and contain 100% total fruit body (check out our blog about this). When it comes to 6 Blend, you’re getting a healthy dose of some of our favourite fungi.

🍄Cordyceps⁣ — These guys are all the rage in the mushroom world for their broad-sweeping potential to improve health and wellness. Cordyceps is known for its anti-fatigue effect and can give your energy levels a much-needed boost, thanks to high levels of beta-glucans.

Anti-oxidants in Cordyceps fight aging and cell damage by neutralising free radicals in the body.

Cordyceps have been linked to anti-tumour effects on lymphoma, melanoma and lung cancers. It can also help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments, like leukopenia.

It can help manage type two diabetes; Cordyceps contain a unique level of sugar which mimics the action of insulin. As if that’s not enough, they're also good for the heart. Cordyceps have been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of China since 2002 because of their purative effects.

🍄Chaga⁣ — This nutrient-dense superfood has been linked to slowing the aging process, reducing ‘bad cholesterol’ and fighting cardiovascular disease.

A growing field of research highlights Chaga's ability to prevent cancer and slow its growth. Also, treating people with Chaga mushrooms can prevent them from experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as various other medications prescribed for chronic illness.

Chaga antioxidants could lower blood pressure and prevent poor cardiovascular health. It has also displayed immune boosting characteristics and the ability to fight inflammation in the body.

🍄Maitake⁣ — one of the tastiest mushrooms going, these guys naturally contain flavonoids, phenols and a-tocopherol: powerful antioxidants that give Maitake its anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.

Beta-glucans are another arrow in Maitake's quiver when it comes to moderating the immune system. On-going research shows that maitake mushrooms play a role in protection against many types of cancers.

🍄Reishi⁣ — If you’ve got sore joints, aches and pains, Reishi might be just the thing for you. Known as the Herb of Immortality, Reishi mushrooms have been used for centuries to stimulate the immune system, fight fatigue and lower stress. They’ve also been reported to protect the body against cancer and the effects of stress, as well as supporting vascular health.

🍄Turkey Tail⁣ — This fantastic fungi is best known for immune system boosting. If there is an imbalance of antioxidants in the body, oxidative stress can happen and unstable molecules known as free radicals can roam your body. Inflammation and cell damage can occur. Turkey Tail can neutralise free radicals, reducing inflammation and allowing the body to have a healthy immune response.

Not only that, Turkey Tail can support digestion and is a standard addition to cancer treatment across Asia.

🍄Lion's Mane ⁣— Your world is busy and stressful, with plenty of things fighting for your attention. Lion's Mane medicinal mushrooms (a.k.a. The Cognitive Enhancer) can help you

focus and calm your nervous system. It contains two very special compounds, hericenones and erinacines, which have been found to support cognitive function and even protect against Alzheimer’s.

Early and on-going research has linked Lion’s Mane to an improvement in mild depression and anxiety, as well as supporting a strong immune system and reducing the impact of chronic illness.

6 Blend for overall health

Like we said — 6 Blend packs a punch! There are many ways to enjoy medicinal mushrooms as part of your daily routine. Speak to your doctor before deciding to take supplements, and if you’d like to know more about our growing facilities, our values and our favourite mushrooms facts, check out our blog.

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