Naturopath knows the benefits of medicinal mushrooms

When it comes to supplements, it’s easy to get confused based on the sheer number of products on the market. To help you avoid getting bogged down in the online debate between acai berries and chia seeds, we’ve spoken to Naturopath Rae Powys to get the skinny on how mushrooms can improve your overall health and wellness.

Here’s a look at how Rae uses medicinal mushrooms for her patients’ (and her own!) health outcomes.

Q. What sorts of conditions do you prescribe medicinal mushrooms for?

RP: I prescribe medicinal mushrooms widely for immune support. They have a proven role in both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) immune function.

Q. What do you like about using mushrooms for health?

Mushrooms are great because they can be safely and effectively used for a wide range of patients. Even the most sensitive, like children, the elderly, and people who are immunocompromised. I find that patients are happy to take powdered mushrooms because they can be easily blended with food or drinks without a strong taste.

Q. Do you use mushrooms?

Sure do! I am susceptible to low energy and low immune function when I am busy or training for an event. I’m a swimmer and a runner, and sometimes physical activity and managing life can make me feel run-down. This is where medicinal mushrooms deliver serious benefits for me – supporting energy and immune function. Mushrooms contain polysaccharides that enhance immune system defences to keep me well at times when I am most susceptible.

Q. How do patients normally react when you prescribe mushrooms?

Sometimes they’re surprised! But when I prescribe mushrooms, I provide reasoning for my prescription and the evidence of use for their condition. Providing treatment options that are backed by clinical trials for their efficacy gives my patients confidence in using mushrooms to improve their health outcomes.

Q. Have you had good results?

Yes! I’ve had excellent results, which is why I continue to use and prescribe mushrooms in my practice. And, with growing evidence and research into the use of medicinal mushrooms, my use and application of mushrooms will only continue to grow.

Rae Powys is a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist in Denmark, Western Australia. With a keen interest in gut health and thyroid conditions, Rae works together with GPs and other health professionals to get the best possible health outcomes for her patients. For more information, visit her website.

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