Mister Mycology: A day in the life of a mushroom grower

Everybody knows that farming is a full time job — and then some. Thankfully, mushrooms don’t need to be milked, but they do have some very specific growing requirements. That’s why we spend our days checking and cleaning and checking again. We’re committed to providing all-natural, spray-free medicinal mushrooms — and here are some of the things we do each day to make that happen.

Substrate sterilisation

Say that five times fast!

The stuff that we grow our mushrooms in is called substrate. And it needs to be sterile, so we can be sure that it doesn’t contain spores or other contaminants, which can jeopardize our crops.

That’s where the autoclave comes in. It heats our growing medium to 121C and keeps it there for five hours. After that, we’re left with contaminant-free substrate, ready to grow organic, spray-free mushrooms.

When it's ready, we pack the substrate in plastic bags, ready to grow.

Keep it comfy

Another job on the list is monitoring the conditions in the spawning room. We need to keep the temperature and humidity consistent so our mushroom babies stay comfortable. And on spawning days, we sterilise the room top to bottom before and after spawning. It might seem over-the-top, but this attention to detail allows us to grow stacks and stacks of beautiful, healthy mushrooms.

Harvest and pack

Up next is our harvest. We use secateurs to separate mature mushrooms from their growing medium and then pack them in cardboard for delivery to local grocers. Not only that, you can catch us at the Albany Farmers Market on Sundays — a great way to connect with the community while you get your mushroom fix.

Shipping to anywhere

We love our customers. That’s why we work hard each day to make sure their orders go out quickly and that they’re properly packed. And we pop in a hand-written note as well; that’s because we’re so thankful for each and every order.

There’s lots of work involved in shipping out wholesale orders as well. Our list of wholesalers is growing each week and we love that our customers can have in-person shopping opportunities, too.

A family affair

We get through these jobs (and plenty more) with the help of the whole family. Our children and grandchildren (and their fur babies) are always on hand to tick jobs off the list. They’re a big part of why we’re able to produce our beautiful products and ship them just about anywhere! Pop into our shop to taste the fruits of our labour.

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