Make the most of medicinal mushrooms

Now that you’ve got some of our Touchwood medicinal mushrooms in your hot little hands — what’s the next step? If you’re wondering how to consume your mushroom powder, save this post for the next time you’re feeling inspired.

Consistency is key

You’ve done lots of research to ensure you got the very best there is when it comes to medicinal mushrooms. Maybe you’ve chosen Lion's Mane for concentration, Chaga for an antioxidant hit, or Six-Blend for an all over boost — but we get it: medicinal mushrooms can be confusing. So here are some easy and delicious ways to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your everyday life.

First thing in the morning

If you start the morning with a cuppa, the easiest way to get into your medicinal mushrooms is to pop a teaspoon in your morning coffee or tea. Give your favourite beverage a stir and the fine power will completely disappear! Many of our customers are sceptical about this one at first — that morning coffee is sacred. But once they see how fully our product dissolves, they’re sold.

Another great way to get your mushroom fix first thing is to mix it in with porridge, muesli, or yogourt. If you want to go super fancy, stir your powdered mushrooms into scrambled eggs. Toss in some rosemary, Greek yogurt and S+P to take your breakfast to the next level.

Midday mushroom fix

Lunchtime is the best time for a hearty soup, especially on a chilly day. Medicinal mushrooms can be stirred into any soup to give them an extra boost. In winter, go for Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake or 6-Blend to give your immune system the kick it needs to fight off nasty bugs.

Sticking with a smoothie for lunch? What a great opportunity to blend in some mushroom goodness. Just make your smoothie as usual (we recommend adding some spinach or silverbeet for an extra hit of goodness) and pop in some powdered mushrooms for a good measure. If you’re looking for a little more direction, here’s one of our favourite recipes.

Dinnertime delight

Here’s a chance to flex your culinary muscles. Did you know you can use your Touchwood powdered mushrooms to make a tasty crusted steak? That’s right — mix powdered mushrooms with salt and pepper and press right into your favourite cut of beef. Then cook on the grill as usual for a tasty, umami meal.

Pescatarians and vegetarians, you won’t miss out either. Give the same recipe a go using a firm cut of fish or firm tofu to take dinner to the next level. Medicinal mushrooms can also be stirred through roasted or sauteed veggies, as well as pasta sauces and stock pastes.

Sweet snacks

When it comes to baking, we’ve had success mixing medicinal mushrooms into biscuit, cake and muffin batters. It’s all about experimenting to work out what you and your family like best. Just be sure you follow the dosage on the jar, and check with your doctor before you start taking medicinal mushrooms (or any other supplement, for that matter). And have fun! Share your wins with us on Instagram @touchwoodmushrooms.

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