How to grow Oysters and Shiitakes using your Touchwood Mushroom kit

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

When we think of mushrooms, most of us probably think of the fungi that we see popping up on our lawn or in the bush. In terms of the mushies we see in the supermarket, the growing process can be a bit of a mystery to civilians. But did you know you can grow your own mushrooms at home?

We offer Shiitake and Oyster mushroom kits. Most mushies like similar growing conditions but there are a couple of specific instructions for each kit.

Preparing your mushroom grow kit

Your kit will arrive boxed up. The bag inside is chock full of mushroom goodness. Pull the bag out of the box and have a look. When it’s ready to fruit, your Shiitake kit will be brown with white specks. Your Oyster kit will be white. This colour comes from the mycelium, and indicates that the kit is ready to grow mushrooms.

To grow Shiitakes, you’ll need to pop your kit into the fridge (not freezer) for two days. After that, remove the kit from the plastic bag and soak it for an hour in a bucket of cooled boiled water or rainwater. We recommend using a tray under your rehydrated kit to catch the drips.

If you’re growing Oysters, you don’t need to soak and refrigerate your kit. Just cut two crosses in the plastic cover — one on the front and one on the back. You’ll soon have mushrooms growing out of the crosses! Pop the kit on a tray.

Looking after your mushroom kit

Your mushroom growing kit comes with a clear plastic bag. This is the humidity tent. Cut six holes in the bag to let in some oxygen. Then place the humidity tent over your mushroom kit.

Spray the inside of the humidity tent twice a day. Do your best to avoid spraying the grow kit; aim to spray the inside of the bag.

Keep your mushroom kit in bright, indirect light. The kitchen bench or laundry is a good spot. After a few days, you’ll begin to see mushroom babies appearing! Name them. Raise them as your children.

Harvesting your mushrooms

If you’re growing Shiitakes, you’ll have your first flush of mushrooms in about a week. Pick them when they’re fully open and use them to make something super tasty.

Growing Oysters? It’ll take about 10-14 days to get your first flush. You’ll know they’re ready when they flatten out. And you don’t need to wait until all of the mushrooms reach maturity — it’s okay to harvest the whole bunch of mushrooms at once.

Your second (and third!) flush

Your mushroom kit will need a break before it produces a second flush. If you’ve got a Shiitake kit, let it rest for about 10 days. After that, you can re-hydrate it overnight, pop it back in the tent, and resume the spraying regime.

Your Oyster kit is a bit more of a diva, but treat her right and you’ll be enjoying a second (and many even a third) flush of mushrooms. Once you’ve picked your first batch, maintain the humidity level in the tent by continuing to spray it twice daily. After 2-3 weeks, you’ll have a second flush.

Disposing of your mushroom kit

Once you’ve exhausted your mushroom kit, it can be broken up and used as garden mulch, or popped into the compost.

We hope you enjoy your mushroom kit and we’d love to see your babies! Tag us on Instagram with photos of your spawn.

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