Here’s how Lion’s Mane medicinal mushrooms will make you feel good

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

In these tricky times, we’re all looking for a bit of a boost. Whether you’re working from home or still heading out because you’re an essential service (thank you!) Lion’s Mane medicinal mushrooms can help.

Many people have never heard of Lion’s Mane mushrooms. They’re white and shaggy, resembling a lion’s mane as they grow. Many mushroom sellers import from China, but at Touchwood Mushrooms, we grow our own.

They can be cooked and eaten, made into tea, or used as a powder supplement. This fabulous fungi is a favourite among health nuts and can give your gut, immune system and brain a much needed boost. Here are 4 ways Lion’s Mane mushrooms can make you feel good.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms boost the immune system

Sprinkling Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements on your cereal or stirring them into your tea can turbo-charge your intestinal immune system. This means that your gut may have more protection from germs that enter the body through the nose and mouth. This is the most common way that cold and flu pathogens enter the body, so stocking up on Lion’s Mane ahead of winter is a good idea.

Lion’s Mane may also reduce inflammation in the body, which contributes to many modern illnesses, like autoimmune disorders and heart disease.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms boost the nervous system

With one in five Australians living with depression or anxiety, many people are looking for alternative ways to support their nervous systems. The anti-inflammatory properties of Lion’s Mane mushrooms can help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in mice. The mice also showed fewer blood markers for depression.

More research of the effects of Lion’s Mane mushrooms in humans is needed, but initial findings are positive! A small group of menopausal women trialled Lion’s Mane for a month and reported less anxiety and irritation. We’re hopeful that more human studies will be done soon.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms boost gut health

Many experts call the gut ‘the second brain’. It really does affect our overall health and well-being. And Lion’s Mane mushrooms can help protect the gut against harmful bacteria. In fact, H. pylori is a bacteria that is known to cause stomach ulcers and Lion’s Mane has been shown to slow its growth. This protects the intestinal lining and contributes to good health.

Lion’s Mane may help with inflammatory bowel conditions, too. In a study of people with ulcerative colitis, those who took mushroom supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms.

Lion’s Mane boosts focus and concentration

Has your brain got too many tabs open? With so many news outlets, apps, social media sites and notifications fighting for our attention, Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements can help cut through the fog.

Lion’s Mane can help stimulate Nerve Growth Factor production. NGF is essential for supporting neurons, which are the brain’s messengers. Neurons communicate with all of the cells in your body and allow them to respond to stimuli, like catching a ball or fighting infection. The stronger they are, the more easily your brain will respond to everything life throws at it.

Lion’s Mane could also support the creation of new cells and strengthen the ones you already have. By improving plasticity, Lion’s Mane can help our cells to be more nimble, improving focus and concentration whether you’re working on your resume or trying to beat a friend at chess.

How can I get my hands on some Lion’s Mane?

In our purpose built facility in Denmark, Western Australia, we grow our own Lion’s Mane mushrooms. We’ve been cooking them up with butter for years now. And to make them easier to take daily, we’ve come up with a powdered form. This can be sprinkled into anything you’re eating or drinking to help you feel the benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

As with any supplement, please speak to your doctor before you start taking Lion’s Mane medicinal mushrooms.

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