Graham Upson knows medicinal mushrooms

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Mushrooms are a lifelong passion for Graham Upson. So much so, that he started Western Australia’s biggest mushroom farm in 1974. But that’s not the only feather in his cap. Read on to learn more about Graham’s obsession with mycology and how it positions him to produce some of the best Australian-grown mushrooms available.

What is mycology?

Before we start, a new vocabulary word for today: MYCOLOGY.

Quite simply, mycology is the study of fungi. And that’s where the simplicity ends. There are about 2000 edible mushroom species in the world, so there’s a lot to know. Of those, only a handful have medicinal properties. Those medicinal mushrooms are Graham’s focus.

Growing medicinal mushrooms

After years of research and experience running Australia’s biggest mushroom farm in Perth, Graham and his family moved to Denmark, Western Australia to begin construction on their purpose-built mushroom facility, Touchwood Mushrooms.

The facility includes a Class 100 growing laboratory, which allows Graham to spawn all natural, chemical-free mushrooms. Graham uses the autoclave to sterilise his growing medium, so he always knows his mushrooms are free of contaminants.

The facility has a colonisation room, where Graham gives the spawn a chance to establish itself. In the growing rooms, he meticulously controls the oxygen, CO2 and moisture levels to get the best possible medicinal mushroom crop.

Representing his peers

Graham’s forensic knowledge of mushrooms comes, not only from his years of experience as a grower, but from his time as a Board Member for the Australian Mushroom Growers Association. For 5 years, Graham represented Western Australia on the Board of Directors, which gave him access to the most up-to-date research into the benefits of mushrooms.

He worked to raise the profile of mushroom growers across the country, ensuring that commercial growers’ interests were protected and that they had access to the latest research, training and best practices.

From edible to medicinal mushrooms

For years, Graham has been growing mouth-watering mushrooms for national and international customers. But after his time on the Board of the AMGA, he just couldn’t ignore the fact that so many of his mushroom species had medicinal properties as well.

At length, Graham studied the ways that medicinal mushrooms could provide a boost to overall wellness. Not only that, he learnt that they can help treat or prevent a huge range of illnesses.

With this information, Graham and his family have made the decision to narrow their focus. Touchwood Mushrooms has pivoted from edible mushrooms to medicinal mushrooms. And they’re committed to providing the best possible medicinal mushrooms to boost your health and wellness.

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