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Our research, expertise and on-site growing facility mean you'll get the best possible medicinal mushrooms

Meet the Upsons

The Upson family have been captivated by mushrooms for as long as any of them can remember. Graham Upson has been studying mycology for over 40 years and his family has been happily along for the ride.


After all that research, Graham and his daughter, Catherine, want to share the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Touchwood Mushrooms offers Australian grown and processed medicinal mushrooms that can help overall health and wellness in people of all ages.

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Know your mushroom grower

Medicinal mushrooms are an ancient remedy that is used all over the world. They are readily available online, but not all sellers are reputable.

That’s where Touchwood Mushrooms comes in. We are:

  • Experienced
    40 years is a long time. And there are no shortcuts when it comes to mushrooms. You can be confident that our products are pesticide free, chemical free and all natural.

  • Knowledgeable
    After 5 years on the Board of Directors with the Australian Mushroom Growers Association, we have a forensic understanding of the growing process, from spawn to harvest. We produce the safest medicinal mushroom products available, so you can be confident you’re getting only the good stuff.

  • Local
    Touchwood Mushrooms is an Australian-based company. We grow our own mushrooms and only import when we need to. When you buy our Australian-grown mushroom products, you’re helping the environment and yourself.

  • Open
    Touchwood Mushrooms is a family business. If you can't find the information you need on our website, feel free to email us.

Got questions?

We've got answers.


After establishing Western Australia's biggest mushroom farm and running it from 1976-1997, the Upsons were keen for a sea change. They left Perth and  landed in Denmark in 1997. Soon, they began construction on their purpose built mushroom growing facility.

The Touchwood Mushroom facility is located in Scotsdale and features a Class 100 mushroom growing laboratory and an autoclave. These allow Touchwood to produce pristine mushrooms, free of contaminants. 

The colonisation and growing rooms allow Graham to control oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture levels. Growing mushrooms is a delicate balance and the Upsons have invested a great deal into getting it right.


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