Our favourite mushroom recipes and dishes

Fave mushroom recipes

Here’s something that will surprise nobody: at Touchwood Mushrooms HQ, we love cooking with mushrooms. Read on for a round-up of some of our favourite mushroom recipes.

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Touchwood Medicinal Mushroom powders now come in liquid form

Introducing Touchwood Medicinal Mushroom subscriptions!

We’re always trying to come up with ways to make life easier for you — that’s why we’ve launched medicinal mushroom subscriptions. Subscribing is a great way to reduce your mental load while still ensuring that your jars of Touchwood Mushrooms are always topped up. Not only that, you get 15% off your favourite products when you subscribe. Here’s how we make it easy: No fees With no sign up or cancellation fees, getting a subscription for your favourite medicinal mushroom products is a no-brainer.   Cancel anytime   When it comes to your Touchwood Medicinal Mushroom subscription, you’re in...

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Our Lions Mane Liquid Tinctures are grown in Denmark, Western Australia

Introducing Touchwood Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures!

We've been in the mushroom game for decades. Forty years, to be exact. And we proudly grow and process many species of mushroom on our Denmark WA farm. Over the years, we’ve mastered dual extraction and we’ve put our all into our premium powdered medicinal mushroom products. Why tinctures? We’ve been floored by the response to our powdered medicinal mushroom supplements. You love them for all sorts of reasons. That’s why we got together with our long-time friend, Herbalist Dipaunka Macrides, to create the most powerful medicinal mushroom tinctures on the market.   When it comes to the choice between...

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Touchwood Mushrooms leading mycologist, Graham Upson

Graham’s picks — unmissable medicinal mushroom books

Our founder, Graham Upson, is a busy man. Particularly with all the work involved in launching our new line of Touchwood Mushrooms tinctures (on top of the normal work of growing and processing medicinal mushrooms and running his Denmark WA farm). But we managed to grab him for a quick chat recently, and he shared his top three resources for people who are keen to learn even more about medicinal mushrooms.   Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets While we choose not to include mycelium in our products, there’s no denying Paul Stamets is one of the world’s leading mycologists. Linking...

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