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Introducing Touchwood Medicinal Mushroom subscriptions!


We’re always trying to come up with ways to make life easier for you — that’s why we’ve launched medicinal mushroom subscriptions. Subscribing is a great way to reduce your mental load while still ensuring that your jars of Touchwood Mushrooms are always topped up. Not only that, you get 15% off your favourite products when you subscribe. Here’s how we make it easy:

No fees

With no sign up or cancellation fees, getting a subscription for your favourite medicinal mushroom products is a no-brainer.


Cancel anytime


When it comes to your Touchwood Medicinal Mushroom subscription, you’re in charge. There are no minimum terms and no contracts, ever.


Monthly delivery

When you subscribe, you save 15% on your favourite products. Not only that, you get them delivered to your door each month. You’ll always have access to our organic, chemical free medicinal mushroom products — without the hassle of remembering to re-order


Subscribing is easy

Head to the product page to start your subscription. Choose the size of your product and select the subscription option and you'll be away! For more information about subscriptions, we’ve got a subscriptions page on our website — and feel free to check out our FAQ while you’re at it!


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Reishi Mushrooms can be used for overall health and wellbeing. You can buy reishi medicinal mushrooms in powder or liquid extract form.