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Graham’s picks — unmissable medicinal mushroom books


Our founder, Graham Upson, is a busy man. Particularly with all the work involved in launching our new line of Touchwood Mushrooms tinctures (on top of the normal work of growing and processing medicinal mushrooms and running his Denmark WA farm). But we managed to grab him for a quick chat recently, and he shared his top three resources for people who are keen to learn even more about medicinal mushrooms.


Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets
While we choose not to include mycelium in our products, there’s no denying Paul Stamets is one of the world’s leading mycologists. Linking mushroom cultivation, permaculture, ecoforestry, bioremediation and soil enhancement, Stamets sees the power of mushrooms as helping to revolutionise ecology. His research and vast experience show that mushrooms and mycelium have the power to create a healthier world.
In his book, four components of mycorestoration are described in detail:
Mycofiltration: mushrooms’ ability to filter biological and chemical pathogens
Mycoforestry and mycogardening: how, when used as a companion plant, mushrooms can protect other plants
Mycoremediation: the ways mycelium can be used to decompose toxic waste and pollutants
Mycopesticides: how mycelium can be used to attract and control certain insect species

Growing Gourmet Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets

Often referred to as “The New Testament” by mycologists of all stripes, this book covers state-of-the-art commercial cultivation techniques in detail. This includes liculture inoculation methods, mycological landscaping, growing room and lab designs — and much more!

This book was a huge help to Graham as he set up his mushroom growing facility in Denmark WA. He likes it because Stamets does his best to make complex processes easier to understand.

Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation by Trad Cotter

Trad Cotter is an American Mycology expert who has been farming, researching, and breaking new ground in the field of mycology for over 20 years. His book includes new methods for urban and off-grid growing, making mushroom infused beers, and lots more.

Cotter offers readers an explanation of best practices when it comes to organic mushroom farming and explores all the ways mushroom cultivation is good for the world — from cleaning up industrial pollution to the individual health benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

Mushroom bibles

As far as Graham’s concerned, these three tomes make up the medicinal mushroom bible. They represent best practice when it comes to mushroom growing, and he’s learnt heaps from them. If you’re keen to understand more about the benefits, cultivation, and uses of medicinal mushrooms, give one of these books a go.

And if you’ve a favourite mushroom resource, we’d love to hear about it! Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram to let us know!

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